Monday, September 14, 2009

God Save The Queen

(Anne Boleyn In The Tower by Edouard Cibot)
God save the queen
and her magistrates
as well.
Keep her from the hand basket
that's on it's way to hell.
Call out every guard,
joker and knight.
May he keep her safe
and set her straight
on her royal plight.
Lock the castle doors--
seal the town walls
raise the drawbridge,
sound the call.
Summon the prince to rush to her side.
"All is well"
the town crier cried.
~~Jennifer Miller


Laura said...

Hey, this is good. God Save ALL the Queens!

msjakositz said...

May the Queen know that her Prince has always been there for her in her darkest hours. The Prince will always stand watch by the door that shields her. The Prince loves his Queen, for she is his Princess