Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Limping Goddess: She-Who-Survives by Pesha Joyce Gertler

(I did not write this, but I'm "feelin' it". It's by Pesha Joyce Gertler. I found it in the 2010 We'Moon Datebook I am reveiwing at work. I just had to share it with my fellow Goddesses.)

She limps into the room
bent with the cargo of rape, battering
single-parent mothering and bureaucratic neglect
if she is fat or gay or nonwhite or Jewish
the pains multiply;
she has carried them all.

Her lotus feet have trudged this planet
for aeons; torn tennis shoes tell
how far she's traveled. She hunches
against the winter wind, her second-hand
coat like a blanket she wraps around
her golden body. Occasionally, she flies
over buildings, lands on tree tops,
is mistaken for a fat bird.

And occasionally, she falls,
intensifying her limp. But make no mistake;
that golden skin was mined in the black earth,
her feet, though limping and calloused,
are the lotus feet of She-Who-Survives.
A broken yet shining forgotten deity
returning, and there are millions
like her, multi-colored, limping
Goddesses returning to lay down our cargo
and reclaim our own.
--Pesha Joyce Gertler 1983


Laura Bray said...

All I can say is...yep.

Patti Christakos said...

..occasionally she flies. thank you for sharing this. fly on Pippi
ps you've inspired me to include some of my poems on my blog(s)...blessings p.