Tuesday, September 29, 2009

People's of The World

Ahh..people’s of the world...you are so beautiful.
Kidnap me in Samoa, make me a princess and give me a tattoo.
Knit me a hat in Machu Picchu, take me to the sacred heights.
Lead me to your Buddha in Japan.
All you, who are indigenous, gorgeous, mysterious–
take me there–let me feel, see, taste, touch–show me your secrets.
Teach me your balance.
Shine on us your love of life–
and the orbs that so happily glow from mother earth.
–Jennifer Miller
(prayers and love to people of Samoa and Indonesia after the tsunami and earthquakes this week)


Laura said...

Outstanding. Such lovely sentiment, wonderful poetry. You are such a tender heart, thank you for reminding me, I will hold good thoughts for those people's.

Notes From Pippi said...
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Notes From Pippi said...

thanks--- Laura : )