Monday, October 12, 2009

Friend Ships

what does this word really mean?
The synonym of harmony, accord, understanding, rapport.
Ships are meant for journeys, come and sail with me.
People should not be thrown overboard, otherwise it would be called
an enemy ship.
You should not die of scurvy here.
Or be over-run by rats.
You should sail to distant islands,
visit new lands, obtain treasures along the way.
With you at the bow, and me at the sails,
a common cord of mutual admiration,
and guardianship. Instilling love where there is none.
Hope where it is needed. A bucket for your tears.
A beautiful mirage of a pirate ship,
that has pillaged, raped, and caused the passengers
to continually walk the plank, under the false guise
that we are in the middle of the ocean and there is no
other way home.
The friendship is full of rainbows and helping hands.
Reaching into the water saying, here take this,
come on board, you are safe here, you do not have to get
back up on that other ship and walk the plank again,
you can sail with us.
Friendships are filled with Tommys, Annika’s and Pippis galore.

–Jenny Miller


Laura Bray said...

I'll always be your friend, but I don't want to be Annika-she whines too much and Tommy's a wuss...

Loui said...

beautifully stated..
and done!!
big hugs!

Notes From Pippi said...

thank you loui.