Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Smog Check Redemption

Will I pass?
Will I find the place?
Opening the door the peaceful bell jingles,
the Asian man with compassionate almond eyes,
sits you down and asks if you have been here before,
explains everything thoroughly,
he is a god, a guru, a saint.
Mary’s statue sits in the corner, the picture of Jesus hangs on the wall.
They say, as the wind chimes over the door gently blow and tinkle,
"come sit with us a while, come spend some time."
Fifteen minutes of sanctuary, Fifteen minutes of bliss.
A stack of old Ladies Home Journals.
"Please–have a seat, relax, there are some magazines for you to read
while you wait" as he disappears and takes care of everything,
takes such good care of you.
Maybe the whole place disappears as you drive away,
until 2011, when you are invited to return.
The smallest kindnesses can comfort unknown broken hearts,
remember this when you deal with people everyday.

–Jenny Miller


Laura said...

So lovely. I feel soothed just for the reading of this.

Laura Bray said...

Zen in a mechanic's shop-who knew?