Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Mirror

Look into the mirror,
what do you see?
Do you see beautiful trees with pink blossoms,
against a Fall sky?
Do you see your greatness and your potential?
Do you hear the music of Rachmaninoff
as he comes out of his writers block?
Do you hear God whispering to you?
Do you mirror this into the world,
do you see yourself as you really are,
and your responsibility to be that?
Do not let others cloud the image,
with their jealousy, strife, bad wishes,
and own darkness.
Let the reflection show true until
you see it, until you see your true self,
everywhere you look in the world,
reflect it unto others, like ribbons streaming out
to embrace them all in beauty and love.
Bring and give something good.
The world will thank you in it’s own quiet way.

Jenny Miller.

1 comment:

Laura Bray said...

Just catching-up on your blog. Your writing is so amazing. It moves me to tears for its beauty.