Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Magic words
milk pouring out of noses
in a riot of humor
onto red cups and plates.
Brushes broken on back sides.
Endless worlds and stories created
by the water, and in the black widows den.
Edges of twin beds worn from sitting a while
and visiting,
or crying,
with hugs or laughter.
Dresser drawers
that held spontaneous explosions.
Green and blue stripped bedspreads,
and white rimmed shorts,
with tube socks pulled up to knees.
A hand on the shoulder,
a hand in 4 hands.
Wagons circled,
going their separate ways,
until they must circle again.
Children born,
and more children born,
stories that will be told,
of selfless love, and unbreakable bonds,
of helping hearts,
and DNA that bears the mark,
of the children who will never forget,
each other.

~Jenny Miller


Laura said...

you touch my soul and gladden my heart

Laura Bray said...

You forgot, "phones pulled from walls". You made me tear up a bit today.

Notes From Pippi said...

yep--and ketchup "accidents" = ) thanks for reading my blog.