Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ishtar, Astarte and The Aquarian Age

I think over the last few years she has driven me crazy,
I mean, slight insanity.
With her "blinding light".
And path of "seeking".
Hungry mouths are constantly at her door,
seeking a morsel,
to satisfy their belly’s
if only for a meal.
Her ancient origins must have made the pharaohs mad,
did she drive them to mummification?
Her riddles, her rhymes,
her mysteries beyond all time.
They come to her door, seeking answers,
asking me, asking them,
we really do not have them,
but they keep knocking, knocking, knocking.
At the gas station the Hindu woman smelled wonderful,
as she handed me the pack of cigarettes,
the incense wafted through the air,
I said good morning to God as I drove away,
and knew that the Hindus love him too,
but I think incense of the heart is best.

~Jenny Miller

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