Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I had a dream about you last night.
My car was parked on the street 
in front of your house.
There was a winding path
like a scene straight out of
Wuthering Heights,
Except you are not Heathcliff
and I am not Catherine,
but somehow Edgar slipped in there,
though he was unseen
his presence was felt
as we were in your bedroom
and you showed me the metal case
you keep your beer in.
And you wanted to tell me something
but didn’t
You wanted to hold me
to have me
but I would not let you.
A part of me wanted to let you.
But providence held me back
in dreams as in life.
You walked me to my car
before you left to play poker
and we said goodbye for now.
I wanted to stay.
To stay by you,
but knew
that Edgar was in my heart,
lurking around the nearest corner
and at first glance
my life as I know it
would be over.

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