Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pardon Me Masters

Pardon me masters, I mean no disrespect
but seems to me that there have been many
who have walked this world blessed.

Those in current memory
who did great service to the world
and humanity.

What about Ghandi and Martin Luther King.
What about Mother Theresa.
Their gifts were almost tangible.
We saw them we heard them in human form.

You speak with voices not of your own.
They come through countless people
 professing your ancient wisdom
complete with paintings of you
and numerous organizations you have started
from the “other side”.

What about the human who each day
does some good deed.
Who learns something invaluable from the Supreme Being
here and now to pass it on, to each other
in our own voice.
In his voice.

I cannot forget what she wrote
it goes over and over in my mind,
“am I not enough for you?”
And she listened.

We do not need an electric light show
or glowing crystals
when we have the stars
and this beautiful earth.
She is one of a kind.

We do not need channeled messages,
when we have that which created all
in our heart speaking to us
if we would only listen
not with our ears.


1 comment:

Laura said...

Wow, oh wow. Did I see a nod to Guadalupe in there?