Monday, March 8, 2010

Burried Treasure

There are planets orbiting today,
I can’t go to work–
There is potential for a Hyder Flare on the sun today,
I cannot go to work–
There is dark matter out there,
I mustn’t go to work–
There are mysteries being solved by telescopes,
traveling through space,
I cannot go to work--
they think warp drive would kill us,
we haven’t found a way yet,
and there are all those galaxies,
stars and planets waiting for us,
we cannot go to work–
There are too many other things to do,
I had a dream that heaven can wait,
and I should not bury my coins,
and save them up to buy a celestial crown,
I should spend and multiply them here,
I do not want to die before I do all these things.
I do not want regret, when it is too late,
sorry, have to go,
and get back to work.

~Jenny Miller

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Laura said...

Can you hear me cheering?