Thursday, March 4, 2010

T.E.M. Incorporated

I like that you like chocolate milk,
that when you used to run to the store
when we were little,
you always came back with the same things,
milk, cereal, bananas and some kind of crackers.
I like that when you find something you like,
you hold onto it like a pitbull,
whether it is Chinese food this week,
Chicago style pizza the next,
or Lady Gaga.
I like that every place you visit
you come home with a hat or a t-shirt
for proof.
I like that you always loose your cell phones.
I think it’s funny.
I like how you are always doing something,
whizzing around in your truck
to drop off the trash,
or fill in a hole,
or dig a hole.
I like when we were little
that you always wore flannel shirts,
and smelled like fresh cut wood,
in Ohio,
I like that you would take us on walks
to look for Buckeyes.
I like that you like that processed turkey loaf,
with gravy, and Chung King in a can.
I like that you are inappropriate sometimes,
and tell bad jokes in the wrong places,
I think this is funny too.
Most of all, I like that you are my dad.

~Jenny Miller


Laura said...

Oh, somebody is going to like this very much.

Laura Bray said...

Hey! I worked at T.E.M. Inc. too. Very nice poem and a sweet homage to Dad.