Tuesday, March 2, 2010

These Things

There are things that we do not understand,
and that we should not try to understand,
and just sit back,
and accept
that someday
we will travel past star dust.
And witness the birth of new galaxies,
and we will just like the sight of it,
and the feel of it.
We will want it to fill our nostrils
and our souls.
There will be no secrets whispered here,
until he is ready to give them to each of us,
in our own lives,
in his own time.
If you force something that will not budge,
it is not soft enough yet,
it is not pliable,
and may break,
and eventually leave us feeling at a loss,
and feeling brittle ourselves.
The wobble of the earth does not matter,
it was destined to be this way,
at this time,
for a reason unknown,
thank God we do not have to figure it out.
~Jenny Miller
(quote from The Martian Chronicles: "Destroy nothing, humble nothing, look for fault in nothing." Live life for the pure joy of being. )

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Laura said...

OK, I will. Thanks