Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is Idealism..Ideal?

“The templates of idealism and illusion in most relationships fail to match reality.”
~Raymond Alexander Kukkee

“Unless one is bent on being self-destructive, it then may be beneficial to consider that the majority of relationships are based upon the perception of personal, desirable, or even "perfect" ideals subsequently applied to imperfect individuals and circumstance.”
 ~Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Current circumstances today
force me to take a look
at how I am viewing things
my glasses, the invisible
perception kind
are fogged up
and I can’t see for shit
is ruining
my life
the above quote
I apply perfect
to imperfect circumstances
and people
all the time
in other words
I want a lot out of life
I want everything
nicely lined up
lace trimmed
just so
to fit the template
in my head
my formed beliefs
now maybe
do our ideals
help us to keep striving
for happiness
and a better life
forcing us to not settle
for less
or do they damage us
and those around us
never really letting us
what we have
if we lower our ideals
will we have
fewer outrageous
of people
will we be better able
to just roll
with the dirty
stinky punches
of life better
just flow down the river
come what may
cause the river
is always
changing course
it’s fluid
and moving
and never the same
from one moment
to the next
is the ideal
now to say
fuck ideals
fuck disappointments
fuck worries
fuck over organizing
micro managing
over planning
expecting perfection
and everyone to behave
as we would have them
can life
be more enjoyable
and more peaceful


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