Tuesday, December 14, 2010

“Thank you for being my friend and directing light in my path to the divine” the last line, in a letter to me received this morning, from someone I do not know that well, but have spoken to on the phone many times, just listening, and offering what I could here and there. I almost cried. Yet I just found out, I am a friend. I have to try to be a friend, try to give some solace, offer myself as a confident, and be willing to help where I can, to get the fuck out of my misery.  Like attracts like, good friends attract good friends, comforting people attract comforting people. I’ve forgotten how to look at things in a different way. It always comes back to this though.  How can I help. Who can I put my arm around and tell it will be ok, who can I lend and ear to, who can I be that person to that is always there to relate, a constant. How can I be all that I look for and yearn for in other people.  I’ve been very wrapped up in myself and my problems.  Perhaps, this is the only way out, and if not, maybe it’s the best distraction from wallowing, and a way to serve a purpose.



Laura said...

This is why I know you'll always be alright, you are that person.

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste my sister Jenny. Such a beautiful post this is. I see in your words a vigorous attempt to share love. These thoughts, feelings and emotions ripple through the cosmos enhancing our collective perspective of reality.

Peace may only come to those who choose love.

Every moment we choose to build a reality of fear or love. The one constant is the universe will always answer our call.

When we allow fear, judgment, separation, doubt, need, lack, envy in our hearts it becomes manifest in our reality. Conversely, when we invite unconditional love, peace, giving, unity, non judgment of self and others in our hearts it too becomes manifest in our reality.

Knowing this truth why do we choose to dwell on problems when we know this expression of the heart will only attract more problems?

The answer to this important life changing question is rather simple.

We just don't pay attention to our thoughts, feelings and emotions as much as we do the television. If the average person spent as much time in the day dedicated to love as they do dedicated to the television their world would drastically change. It's all about priority.

Knowing how our thoughts, feelings and emotions shape our reality, isn't it just a little bit crazy we don't pay attention.

Imagine the dinner a chef would create if she failed to pay attention to the ingredients. It reminds me of being a little child and thinking mud is a great ingredient for my next pie. I can tell you it did not taste very good, and it was not good for my health.

You may laugh but think about this.

If you never pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and emotions ( the ingredients of your reality ) what kind of " life pie " do you expect to create? Is it the best pie you could have made? Is it a pie you would like to share with friends and family?

We balance our ship in calm and turbulent waters only by choosing to share love.

In Lak' esh, my beautiful sister, fear or love hmmm... what to choose...