Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Will you remember this time
when you are in eternity
from my bosom
by my presence
in the quiet
and it is all
a distant memory
blown away
like dust
out of the hand
with one breath
and you will remember
but not go back
we will reminisce
and know
it was
but never again



Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste my dear sister Jenny. I have read and reread these thoughts a good ten times. I love the flow of the words. The lack of punctuation emphasises the power of this expression. Ironically, it is the lack of punctuation that forced me to delve deeper into this thought. I don't know if you deliberately did this, none the less, I found it intriguing.

Speaking to the thought. I may be wrong but it appears to be an expression you are receiving from God. God is speculating on whether you will be prepared to reflect whist in her embrace. Moreover, will you accept with grace and wisdom the impermanence of life? Will you be prepared to move on, leaving behind the memories, good and bad, of your past existence? God is comforting you in the knowledge that this will be a journey safe in her embrace.

My thoughts on this expression of yours, assuming my interpretation is accurate ( a big assumption ).

When we hold a sense of self as separate from God we dis empower our GodSelf essence. This concept of separation from the divine is understandable. All your life my sister, you have been presented with an image of self as body. Your five senses confirm this illusion every waking moment. We are taught that we live one life which has a limited time span. We are taught that when we die we will relive our past under the warm embrace of God. At this time we will come to understand the meaning of our life and how our choices have affected others. We expect this past life evaluation to offer us revelations which will assuage the guilt we feel over " bad " choice and offer comfort by the revelations which expound the virtuous choices we have made.

This entire structure of separation is the basis for all fear in our hearts. If we understood the TRUTH that separation is an illusion, we would then comprehend that there is only ONE being not us and several billion others. We would see all manifest reality as God.

There is truly no Christoper, no Jenny. Christopher and Jenny are not separate bodies with separate lives. Christopher and Jenny are expressions of eternal consciousness.

Christopher is Jenny and Jenny is Christopher.

In Lak' esh; I am another you.

Namaste; I see the God in you.

This is unity consciousness; understanding that God did not create the universe. Rather we know in our hearts that God became the universe. We see God everywhere. The plants, bugs, trees, ourselves, our words, our thoughts and feelings.

Everything, everywhere, always = God.

When we die we rid ourselves of body and ego. We see only from the perspective of GodSelf. We come to understand that time, space, separation, birth, death, physicality, good and evil, were all just illusions. We determine that we are reflections of God, that there is only the moment of NOW. More to the point, we see that the NOW is eternal no past or future, only present.


I always enjoy sharing thoughts with you Jenny. I love your fresh open mind. I can imagine how tremendous your GodSelf expression will be when you step beyond illusion. I wish I could just wave a magic wand and watch tears flow from you as your heart truly discovers unity.

Striving to rid myself of illusion and darkness for thirty years, I know very well indeed how difficult these esoteric concepts are for you to firmly grasp. Moreover, coming from a past of Catholicism, I know how difficult it can be to extricate oneself from the rigorous programing of media, corporations, education, religion, society, peers, family and parents.

I humbly offer my services in your search for reality my sister. You need only whisper as I am your servant.

In Lak' esh, my sister, making a profit trading fear for love...

Notes From Pippi said...

That is what this is about. I was looking at the Essene Gospels and felt inspired to write this. It is written as if God were speaking to me after all is said and done, or speaking to all of us. That this life, that seems so important now, that is obsessed on will someday be just a memory of one of our experiences as infinite spirits. I was raised as a Catholic too, and it has taken some time to get over that religion. And while I now believe differently, I still have a need to see God as something outside of myself, like a caretaker or parent. I haven't reached that point where I can feel comfortable seeing it differently. I need that in this stage of my life for some reason, I'm sure as I continue to grow in awareness and spiritually and let go of some of the things of this world that view may change. I appreciate your comments and your guidance, they are valuable to me and it's nice to find a kindred spirit out there. Blessings to you Christopher.

Christopher Dos Santos said...

When reading through Gospels we can find much knowledge and truth. My favorite are the lost Gospels of peace, first translated and printed in 1928.

Here is a great link you may not be aware of.


In Lak' esh, my sister, finding love any way we can...