Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let’s pretend for a day
that we are a highly
evolved alien species
come to observe humans
in their present state
that our bodies
are soft and pliable
that we don’t require
that we do not have
numerous, countless
yearnings and cravings
that we are suspended
in a perfect state
of stationary
to just be
in the bodies
in the existence
that we have
that our heart
rules our corporal
and we observe
with amazement
and compassion
and we are soft
and half smile
all of the time
we feel gentle
and flowing
and fulfilled
and complete



Laura said...

Alien Mom reporting with amazement and FULL smile. This is sooo soothing. Thanks

Christopher Dos Santos said...

This was a most beautiful post. This wisdom you mention is most often expressed in the thoughts of toddlers and young children. As we grow to adults, truth, which once naturally resided within the heart, becomes obscured by the fear biased society in which we live. Philosophers, poets and artists often reflect in such a manner as you have today. The advantage bohemians enjoy is the constant use of left brain imagery coupled with heart felt manifestation.

We don't have to imagine my sister, you are this alien being you conjure in your mind. This alien being you describe is your GodSelf. This is your true identity. You have been conditioned to believe in the physical, ego self. There are many more superlatives you might use to further describe this alien being. I would select unconditional love accompanied by a lack of judgment. Oh, not to forget eternal, this being is most certainly eternal consciousness.

I am God, I am God, I am God.

Repeat the aforementioned statement a few times. Tell me if it resonates with your heart. It may feel weird at first, even blasphemous to some, but it is truth.

In Lak' esh, my sister, divine wisdom whispering from your heart...

Notes From Pippi said...

Thank you, and thank you, very much.