Thursday, February 17, 2011

Embroidery of the Heart

she has a nest
in her uterus
with blue robins eggs
they are speckled
and fragile
but oh so beautiful
and amongst
the magical twigs
and hairs of animals
she carefully selected
each one
to make her lair
where creation
is the yearning
of all her heart
and she dreams
little bird dreams
in mother’s house
under the stars
of weaving together
and universes
and moon beams
and fantasizes
about the thread
the silky thread
looping in and out
of the pristine white
using long
feminine nails
to rhythmically
pull the needle
in and back
in and back
and sprinkle glitter
on the paint
and tie things together
with bright colors
if you listen closely
you can hear her
chirping her song in there
where the baby once lye
or none at all
singing knit knit
sew sew
and build my nest.


1 comment:

Laura Bray said...

I love this poem Jenny! It speaks to me today.