Monday, February 14, 2011

The Voice

Do you remember that time
you were on your friends roof
only 5 years old or so
and you were all sitting on there
it was the roof of a shed
or some other not very high
in your little mind
you thought
it was much higher than it was
there were autumn leaves
all about
and you all got in trouble
for being up there
to a grown person
it wasn’t very tall
but to a little one
it could have been

Do you remember that time
when you, your brother
and his friend
were playing
in the tree
as children always
like to climb
a tree
and he got stuck
and was hanging
and you ran full speed
to the house to get help
from the friends father
it seemed like an impossible
so worried about your brother
to an adult
it may have been
a short fall
but to a little one
it could have been

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