Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Rainy Wednesday Morning

the cats’s in the cradle
and I’m in my bed
my head is clear
but my body aches
I don’t have to worry
about certain things anymore
such a relief
but now I have to worry
about other things
things I should have
been worried about
all along
I didn’t have the strength
I made it into work today
I kept asking myself
what for
why are you pushing yourself
as my soul whined
that it just wanted to go
to be alone today
2 and a half more
but the words
don’t wish a day of your life away
by those older and wiser
echo in my head
he’s shutting me out
and I just want to run
and hide
I’m tired
the cat likes closets
tries to get into them
while I try to get ready
for work
I don’t blame her
maybe she is trying to tell me
I’d like to be
in a closet today
and explore
a new small space
in comforting darkness
and aloneness
just for a while


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