Friday, February 18, 2011

A New Dawn

I’m thinking about her a lot today.
It’s funny, how you never choose
when or where to think of those
who have passed on.
She had a good heart.
It was just broken.
I say Our Father’s
and Hail Mary’s for her
just in case.
And I imagine
that she is like a little girl
learning all these secrets
and seeing all these wonderful things
gasping and exclaiming
“no kidding!”
And laughing and laughing
at the hidden simplicity
of it all.
And I bet God is really glad
to have her home
because she was loving
I saw a lot of love in her
beneath it all.
I keep telling myself,
she just couldn’t do it,
and that’s ok.
But I wonder,
what it would have been like
if she could have
if she could have stopped
and become
the swan that she is
here on this earth.
I imagine her like that,
and then think
she is probably like that in heaven.
And I look over to the picture
of Jesus
and I ask him
to please take good care of her
and be with her
cause she has a good heart.



Laura said...

Oh, little Pippi, you touch my heart with these two posts.

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste my sister Jenny, I have been very busy with work and the book I am writing. Not so much time to share with friends like you. I am thinking of you and wish you love and light.

God exists in all sparks of the universe my sister, your love is a beautiful expression.

In Lak' ech, my sister Pippi, love now and beyond...

Notes From Pippi said...

Thank you Christopher. Love & Light to you too. I'm interested in hearing more about your book. Will stop by your blog today.