Saturday, September 10, 2011


I remember that day very well
I think it gave the whole nation
post traumatic stress disorder
as a society and individually
I remember talking to my sister
about it
she had just visited the twin towers
for the first time on a vacation
so it was so much more real
to her
it was an actual place
she had been

the rest of us
just felt it

today it makes me sadder
than it did 10 years ago
for some reason

I look at the photograph
of the falling man
it made horrendous things
seem commonplace
and normal
things you feel humans
should never be exposed to

it is almost the same
as if the terrorists
had walked up
and assaulted each of the victims
with a striking blow
across their face

and we all stood there
in shock
in awe
not sure how to help
feeling so helpless

there are no longer words
to describe the sadness
that will always linger


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