Monday, September 26, 2011

My Mission Statement

I believe our lives are predestined
I do not believe we create our own
I believe our decisions
have a cause and effect
and it is up to us 
which outcome we want to have
I believe in soul groups
I believe we are supposed to meet
and experience everyone
we come across
and learn from those experiences
I believe in handing things over to God
when it gets to be too much
I believe in love
soul mates
best friends
letting things go
letting things be
having the courage
when guided to
to change things
but not before their designated time
I believe in attempting
to control the mind
by giving unwanted thoughts
over to God
and asking the universal father
to help me with them
to forget and move on
to ease my suffering
I believe what feels right inside
and what I feel divinely guided to do


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