Thursday, September 8, 2011

warning - existential meltdown in progress

Is just like an ice cream sandwich
I love ice cream sandwiches
they taste good

Happiness is eating an ice cream sandwich
sadness is when it’s gone.
Hope is knowing that you still have more
in the freezer,
and you will eat another ice cream sandwich
another day.

Ice cream sandwiches
don’t give a shit
about Karma, rules
sinners, saints
you’re going to heaven
you’re going to hell
if you think you see ghosts
have prophetic dreams
possibly imagine
all kinds of hocus-pocus
blah blah blah

their outer cookie
and inner creamy
cold goodness
only care about tasting good
and happiness

they don’t think
they just are
they are delicious

may this never
be known as the Tao
Zen Bible Secret Document
Lost book
of Ice Cream Sandwiches
that is all.....


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