Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Farmer's Wife

I found this on-line when doing a search for "farmer's wife" pictures for this post.  Perfect-I'm seriously considering reading this book. It's a "Herlequin Super Romance". What has my life come to?  Book club---anybody? 

“Who am I, Why am I here”
rolling on the floor
side splitting
as if
a book
could tell you
the answer
I wish I was a farmers wife
at this point in my life
I could get as plump as I wanted
cause women are scarce
on the farm
and plump frames
with hair in a bun
and half falling down knee-hi’s
are sexy
when you’re it
and the only competition
are cows
stray cats
and pigs
I could bake pies
in the afternoon
and rustle up
some fat filled breakfast
for my man
I could feed the chickens
here chick-chick-chick
and milk the cow
and herd the bunnies
my shoes
and clicking
on the wood floor
of course
he would play his fiddle
at night
and smoke a pipe
like pa
on little-house
and love me
and take care of me
for taking care of him
and fixin
his meals
and mending his clothes
and providing
woman’s talk
I would like to be
a farmer’s wife.


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Laura said...

Thanks for the last two posts. Just what I needed. I feel good! You are soooo cute. Here's another question. If my men were God would they dance and sing for us?