Monday, September 13, 2010

The New Age Is Dead

Look at the fruits of this
what are the fruits of this
beauty, peace, harmony?
Or impatience,
increasing anger
and despair
disconnection with
fellow man
an increasing lack
of tolerance
and kindness
and love
can this be good?
Look at how it feels inside
it is not right
because heart and soul
say it is not right
or the fruits would be different
such a grip
so subtle
so much confusion
is not good fruit
so many others
sitting here
at their desks
so unhappy too
so unfulfilled
so drained
from the sucking
the sucking
of your force
of your desire
to help and do good
the more you let them see it
the more they take
so you have to pretend
that you don’t have any answers
and that you don’t care
or they will suck it all out
until it is gone
and you don’t have any left
for the rest of the world
or even for yourself.


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