Thursday, September 16, 2010

More On The Old New Age

It springs from our need for ritual. Like our ancestors, our pagan ancestors lite fires, moved swayed and danced to the stars and the wind in the trees.  So we pull out the crystals, and the colors, and the chants, meditations, stones, cushions, postures, music, secret formulas. With the world crumbling around us we try to will everything into the hands of invisible beings who speak through actresses and greedy hands. We must have something to believe in.  Is it not enough to see the stars in the sky and know that there is a force between them, holding them up, burning them bright, holding up the earth moving the planets stirring the universe in a mixture of chaos and order.  Shhhh... don’t tell anyone what you have seen here, I was told when I was little to explain the indent we all have in our upper lip, Jesus’s fingerprint telling us to forget so that we can come live this life but not telling us why.  And whether he put that mark there or not...there is still a huge resounding SHHHHHHHH, quiet, everyone, quiet, so that we can hear it when it comes.

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