Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lot's Wife

She set out on the dirt path
sandals in hand because she liked to walk barefoot
and feel the wet earth on her soles.
The city burned behind her and she did not look back
for fear of turning into a pillar of salt
but she knew what burned there
disease, disappointments, stale acquaintances
that were once friends, close friends
she wondered what her life would be like now
now that she was free
and her story was finished, or at least
the first volume could be laid to rest.
What lye ahead she did not know, as she trudged on
with her long brown hair and white gauze dress.
Her steps were lighter and slightly hurried,
as if she had escaped disaster, or a concentration camp.
Clouds lie ahead, moving in with rain that would put
the burning city out, leaving only wet cinders
and quietness at last.
The air smelled of earth and plants and freshness.
She walked on for a while longer,
then dropped her sandals, with a smile
and walked straight up into the cosmos
amongst the planets and twinkling stars
the swirls of colors and galaxies
and rainbows and strange space birds
she was not home yet
but many steps closer.


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