Monday, October 18, 2010

Group Photo

here we have
a misch mashed
assembly of faces
in this picture
with inaccurate
each one
worn down
by years
of ludicrous
mumbo jumbo
hands tired
and eyes too
from searching for answers
for countless years
where there are none
feeling around
in the dark
standing on words
spoken by one woman
who thought
she had a vision
and maybe she did
but that foundation
is crumbling
into a terrible pile
of regret
and years gone
waiting for an answer
for some confirmation
that we were all
supposed to be here for so long
it’s like the god dammed mob
a force so strong
of doubt and fear
of comfort and complacency
that gets more powerful
with each year
stole past each of us
until the calendar changes over
and we are all still here
with tired faces
unsure voices
negative energies
and you have to wonder
was this a blessing
or was this a curse
is there any other way out
than to just say, enough
and walk away
and have faith
that God will handle
the rest


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