Friday, October 29, 2010

Perpetual Motion (thinking outloud)

Could perpetual motion be used for space travel?
I keep envisioning something like a gyroscope
it releases a tremendous amount of unseen
but what would we use?
What would it be made of?
Solids, liquids, gas?
maybe a long rod
with bars on each end
one slightly higher than the other
with metal balls on the end of each
contained in a casing
A lite amount of energy
to get it going
could produce
a build up
of energy
than the amount of energy
to start it
whatever it is
would it encompass the ship?
Would it be in an engine
inside the ship?
It could be contained
at the back of the ship
with an outlet
that would push
the ship
through space
at increasing speeds
always the same amount
of energy
in the container
to keep the perpetual motion going
but a valve to control
the amount of energy released
No fuel needed
unlimited power
to hurtle us through space
and continue
on a journey
to who knows where
and make it home


After writing this I did some research and noticed on-line that someone created a perpetual motion machine in September by using gravity.  If we were able to create one for space travel, perhaps it could also be used as a way to supply gravity within the ship.  I thought it was funny though that at the end of the article we have this

"The machine will not be patented in full; the patent office could register different parts of the AOGFG but not the machine in totality. This because the machine’s claimed to be a perpetual motion machine that produces more energy than it consumes, and machines such as this are considered to break the first law of thermodynamics – “This states that energy can be changed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed.” But still in all hopes we wish such a machine is real to answer our energy woes."

Well I say phooey on the law of Thermodynamics. (sorry to a certain scientist I know)

Here is a picture of the machine from the article and a link:
(I'm terrible at links, so if this doesn't work just copy and paste)

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