Tuesday, October 26, 2010


here we have turtle
transformed from hare
after numerous hunts
being chased by foxes
and men on horses
fur flying everywhere
chemicals of fear
released from skin
through glands
into the air

yes, here we have turtle
she is slow
unlike hare

turn her over
and observe her soft underside
do not poke with a stick
or examine too closely
just look
and see that the shell
is softer
more vulnerable
than the hardness on top
it is smooth and light colored
it is vulnerable
and secret

she is very slow
turtle takes her time
perhaps she is just tired
turtle is closer to the ground

notice how turtle
retreats with her head
and legs into her shell
when danger is near

she is wise
and very old
yes, here we have turtle
touch lightly


1 comment:

Laura said...

Shoes and turtles. Oh Jenny, how you touch my heart.